Give a Child a Camera is completely funded through individual donations.

100% of the money raised/donated goes directly to the project in Africa, paying for materials, project implementation and final exhibitions (in Africa)

Excess funds are then either carried over for the next version of the project or used to help the institutions in the form of other much needed facilities – these have included mains water, new sanitary facilities, new education materials, uniforms, specialist teachers (such a music) these can be seen by clicking here 

Transparency is the key and I am more than happy to supply any information relating to the project.

All personal expenses are self funded.

So many people have donated to the project and for that I am eternally grateful for the support and belief in my project. You know who you are, so thank you.

A special mention has to be given to the following companies/individuals who have either given large sums of money or supported in other significant ways (including venue hire/platforms to promote etc)

Mr & Mrs Hunt – For supporting V2 & V3 of the project
Southwold Rotary Club for considerable support for 2018 V3
Roger Harrod @ Karpet Kingdow for an amazing amount of money for the project
Joan in Oulton Broad for another incredible donation
Philips Cameras – Norwich
Annette Stringer & All at East Point Rotary for their ongoing support
Alan @ CHPV Photography & Film for donating £200 to the children for their images from 2018
Simon in Norwich for supporting me while I undertook V3
William from NCFC Carrow Park
Mary T – Oulton, Lowestoft
Anna T – Oulton Broad


Significant ongoing support
Great venue to exhibit
Providing a platform for blog posts reaching thousands
Support from day one
Providing a fab venue for the 2015 exhibition
Great little exhibition venue for 2016
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